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Chamber Music

Larry Lipkis' two chamber operas, Peronelle and Simonetta, are based on the lives and loves of two medieval/Renaissance artistic luminaries—Guillaume de Machaut and Sandro Botticelli, respectively.

Scene 6 from Simonetta was performed in July, 2017, in New York, by the Litha Symphony Orchestra.

The plot of Simonetta traces the relationships of the artist Sandro Botticelli, his young model Simonetta Vespucci, and the fiery Dominican preacher Savonarola, who wishes to turn Florence into a theocracy.  Sandro, smitten by Simonetta’s beauty and devastated by her early death, becomes unmoored and allows himself to be swayed by Savonarola’s nihilistic teachings, to the point of burning his own works of art in the “bonfire of the vanities.” As he descends into madness, the spirit of Simonetta appears and admonishes Sandro to stay true to his commitment to create and preserve his art for the ages.

Simonetta is in two acts, a total of nine scenes, with a libretto by Robert Block. The running time is about 80 minutes. The cast is: Simonetta (soprano); Pino Lippi (alto or countertenor), Botticelli (tenor), Savonarola (baritone). The first act contains small roles for Botticelli's father (baritone) and Lippi's father (baritone, who can double the part of Savonarola.) There is also a part for a children's chorus, which may be pre-recorded. The work can be performed with piano or an orchestral accompaniment of 13 instrumentalists.

An abbreviated version of Simonetta consists of four scenes and lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. This version eliminates the first scene, thus includes only the four principal singers. An accompanied narration, plus projections of Botticelli's art works are used to flesh out the story.

More information about Simonetta, including excerpts of scores and libretto, can be obtained by contacting Larry Lipkis at

Watch a performance of Scene 6 of Simonetta: